Hello and happy 2014

Well. I’m getting nervous now. It seemed like a good idea to make an introductory post at the time. After a few broken pieces of slightly chewy Doritos, a glass of milk, and almost an hour of blog theme shopping, I managed to suck up the courage to face the blinking cursor. But where to begin?

Ultimately, I intend to write about my thoughts on different things that I’ve watched or am watching – TV, films, or anime. I may divert occasionally to books. But for now, a brief introduction to yours truly.

I’m British, almost at my second decade of riding the earth around the sun, and I love hot chocolate. I write, procrastinate, dither between different hobbies, and come back to writing. I enjoy irony, character development…

…and dramatic juxtaposition.

My new year’s resolution? I suppose learning to balance a spoon on the end of my nose is a little short-sighted (pun intended). But let’s see. I’d like to learn new things and befriend new people. To be more active and to write more. And maybe one day to entirely give up procrastination. It’s a pipe dream, but a pipe dream with a silver lining and internet cables.

Happy new year everyone.



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