Adam Lambert: A Trespassing Post on a Film and TV Blog

See what I did there? (No? Nevermind.)

This is going to be my one-time rant on Adam Lambert. As a disclaimer I’ll say I don’t know everything about Adam, but my blog’s subtitle is ‘and screaming, depending what show or film I’m commenting on.’ And as an artist whose voice frequently makes me want to scream my lungs out, headbang my vertebrae loose and strum an air guitar hard enough to make it a glittery reality, I think Adam Lambert deserves a mention on this blog.

Recently, I came across the following video on YouTube:

Now, I haven’t watched Glee (aside from maybe 1 and a half episodes a long time ago) though I occasionally look up their covers, but when I stumbled across this particular guest appearance I suddenly remembered. Like an auditory electrocution, I instantly rekindled my passion for his music.

So here are some of my favourite YouTube videos of him. As I mentioned Trespassing in the title, here’s my favourite version of it:

What is it about him that I love so much? Is it his hair? His stylish clothes? The fact he wears makeup better than I ever will? All of these these things for sure, as well as his charming personality, but it has to be his voice that captured me first and keeps me coming back. Out of the Trespassing album this song is my favourite – on the album. I really think they overshadow his fantastic voice with unnecessary synth for basically all of the tracks, but take some live versions and I’m in love just as I was for his For Your Entertainment album.

My favourite version for Better Than I Know Myself:

and likewise Never Close Our Eyes from the same session:

Which also happens to be rather appropriate for the time at which I’m writing this. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t love a Rock background; I love Fever, For Your Entertainment, Music Again and all the other songs on From Your Entertainment (album), guitar, drums and all. (The guitar in Sleepwalker and Strut…mmm.) But to have anything detract from rather than enhance his voice as I feel the Trespassing album does, is a traversty. This is no offense to the songs themselves, I repeat.

Here, have another (Cuckoo):

and another (Outlaws of Love):

As you will know if you know Lambert, he came to the wider public knowledge via American Idol in 2009, where he came second for no reason at all but ultimately maybe for the better. I actually only came to discover him on YouTube, where my favourite performance from AI is this:

Though I’d suggest actually using this link for the audio of the studio recorded version because 240p is almost an insult to the internet. (It’s like putting one of those plastic cheese squares into a burger containing rib eye steak.)

Cryin’‘ is my other favourite.

Anyway, if you have read this far I thank you, and if there is any other video of him you think I should see please do comment it. Ah, good times. The For Your Entertainment album with which I am most aquainted has pumped me up on god knows how many an occasion and I think I shall soon be returning to it to relive the love I have for the passion and power and range in his voice.

I shall end this appreciation post with the first song of his I couldn’t get enough of:

What do I want from you, Lambert? More of your music, that’s all. Always.


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