2015: ‘Goodness, I’m still here?’ – Thoughts and goals for this year’s blogging

Well hasn’t it been a while! I nearly forgot about this blog. My memory is about as useful as a steak at a vegan convention and my attention span about as short as the fuse of my patience for lost internet connection. However, in my favour, my determination to start again is significantly fresher than the small potato at the back of the larder.

And now that I’ve gone and thrown that out (let’s face it, it was never going to meet my jacket potato ambitions)…

What can I say? A lot has happened. For a start, I no longer study Biology at university. In fact, I switched into Environmental Science. In fact, after the first term of that, and Christmas, as of the beginning of 2015…I am no longer in university at all. That could in itself start a whole new blog to chronicle my just-beginning post-leaving-degree life, but that was never the subject of this blog. In fact, if you hadn’t looked at my About page you might never have known I was a Biology university student in the first place! (And I have since updated that page.)

So on that note, let’s get more to the point! We have a whole year of fresh media to look forward to. My interest in various media forms goes in cycles, so here’s what’s happening for me at the moment:

  1. (film) Big Hero 6. I’m off to see this tomorrow, so I’ll let you know what I think!
  2. (anime, ongoing) Death Parade, Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu, Kamisama Hajimemashita 2 (where the feature image comes from), Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
  3. (anime, complete) Gugure! Kokkuri-san
  4. (TV) Gran Hotel*
  5. Games*

And that’s the gist of it for now. You may notice that there is a large proportion of anime in that list. I’m aware that this has so far – unintentionally – predominantly been a film blog and I will continue trying to honour that by finding other films to watch in between. I will review the ongoing anime when they are finished, perhaps in a one-post compilation, and the complete anime when I finish it.

The oddballs on this list are the bottom two items. Gran Hotel (original title), also known as Grand Hotel, is a Spanish TV show I am using to aid my learning of Spanish. Thus, with the endless stopping and starting to change the language of the subtitles and back again, not to mention the times I just roll with the knowledge I have when I assume I’ve got the gist, something may have been lost from the true experience of watching the show. Whilst I intend to finish the show and hopefully review it, this is my official disclaimer for it.

Finally, games. I have been playing a lot of PS3 games. Given that I am not the most experienced gamer, but perhaps more crucially, very rarely finish my games, this is a bit of a wildcard. I may give my general impression of the opening hours of some of them, but asking whether I will have the time to finish and therefore review any of them is like asking a non-scientist if a slug could crawl over a leaf 40% covered in salt. I have, however, finished Tomb Raider (2013) reasonably recently, so that’s definitely a possibility.

Final thoughts, then. I will try to put out a review every Sunday from now on. Should I not, then, uh…these words will forever condemn me and I will perform a forfeit of silently thinking about my future for 10 minutes, which I think is a pretty adequate punishment.

Until later, then! *scrolls off into the distance*


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