Hi there, I’m Jess.

Watching and reading things has been my favourite form of escapism for many years. A lot of it has touched me and even shaped me as an individual, and now I want to share my experiences. This will include films and also TV shows, anime, games and perhaps books. I want to review and to make recommendations, but personally just to chronicle my journey through fictional worlds, which to me can be as important and influential as the real one. I’m quite a character-centric person, so a lot of my reviews will likely have a significant focus on characters and character development.

Disclaimer: On the absence of sound

I do not consciously notice background music. Likewise, I do not recognise voice actors in different roles, I cannot recognise accents most of the time beyond they have an accent, and whilst it may enhance the experience of the moment the details of any sound are almost certainly lost to me on later recall.

I will notice background sound when:

  1. It is exceptionally noticeable
  2. It is exceptionally good
  3. It is exceptionally bad
  4. It is completely absent when I’m expecting it
  5. Someone else points it out
  6. There’s a song

Otherwise, it is safe to assume background music and other sound subtleties are essentially lost to me and will not feature in my reviews for the vast majority of the time. I am not deaf. Yet, whilst watching Ella Enchanted with Spanish subtitles, when I could not grasp the subtitles I found what they were saying was lost to me despite the fact the voices were in English. I have to make a conscious effort to listen to background sound to, well…remember hearing it.

So if you are particularly tuned in to sound, like at least two people I know, this is my official disclaimer. Sorry about that.


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